Lets Talk New Years Resolutions

Lets Talk New Years Resolutions

Every year until the age of 25, I made New Years resolutions and every year they were arbitrary rubbish that I always "failed" by the end of January. Like some awful game of life, oop you lost that card.

I decided to give up on them partly due to the fact they were too difficult and made me feel quite rubbish about myself indeed. But this year, my husband made like 10 resolutions and they were all generally very reasonable things like, add more vegetables to diet and talk to X person a bit more. I was frankly very jealous of his restraint and tried to come up with something similar for myself. My brain at first instinct (as usual) said "lose weight" and I got mad about it and gave up trying to think of one.

That was until I realised I'd started down a path of goodness for myself and I just wanted to share that. My New Years Resolution was going to be Freedom. Drop the mask and allow myself to take up space. Stop apologising for my body and my mind and be at ease in who I am.

I saw a video today that reminded my to keep on track with trying to be authentic to myself by Elyse Myers. She is by far one of my favourite people online and has allowed me to retrain my brain into liking myself. 

Watch Elyse's video here:


If I am too much. Go Find Less. 

Everyone should be proud of who they are and they should all be allowed to take up space, physically, verbally and mentally be allowed to take up space and absolutely NOT apologise for it.

This year there will be a few changes around her to allow me the freedom to express myself within this business. So expect to see more fun around here!

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