What on earth do you use a trinket tray for?

What on earth do you use a trinket tray for?

Trinket tray, ring dish, candle plate.... These are some of the names given to those cute shaped trays that have started popping up everywhere... 

Trinket trays have suddenly boomed, but why? Trust us when we say that a well-placed trinket tray can really transform a room, as well as save you from having to rummage around for things like your TV remote or jewellery box. So what do they actually do? And how can they help transform your home? Read on to find out...

A trinket tray is an elegant way to add storage to any space of your home.

From your coffee table, your entry way, vanity or bedside table..

They're a great way to organize small items, and also a great way to make things look like they have a specific place. Instead of your keys looking like they've been thrown on the side, pop them in a little dish. Keep losing your earring on your bedside table? Ring dish. You name it, there's a trinket dish or tray for it.

The word 'trinket' comes from a German word meaning "to glitter". Its meaning has evolved over time, but it still conveys the same sense of glitz and glamour that it had when it was first used in English.

In addition to being a fun and elegant way to display small trinkets and treasures, trinket trays are also useful for protecting surfaces from damage.

Trinket trays are also great at keeping surfaces safe from heat from freshly made coffee or tea. We all know someone with a burnt ring where the cup has melted the stain on the table. Trays can help prevent this kind of damage, but they're also useful for displaying small items like jewelry, art prints and other keepsakes that don't need much room to breathe. They come in a wide variety of styles to suit any taste and are available in many different materials.

Display your favourite jewellery.

We're not saying you should wear your best pieces every single day, but if you have a special necklace that never leaves the house and gets only unpacked for big occasions, then why not give it its own space on display? A trinket tray is the perfect way to show off one or two of your favourite pieces.

You can also use multiple trays or even a larger one as a means of displaying all of your jewellery at once. It's an option that works well if you have an extensive collection but regularly forget what pieces you have.

Use as a candle plate.

It’s not just for holding your jewelry and spare change, you know. A trinket tray can be used to make sure candles stay upright while they burn, or to keep wax from dripping onto the table below them.

Place a plate under your candle in order to hold it up and prevent wax from dripping down. The plate will also keep the candle centered on top of whatever surface it's sitting on (like an end table or mantle), so that it looks like it belongs in the space.

You can prevent burning on your surfaces from shaped candles by burning them on a trinket tray. They make your clean up easy as you can take your candle plate to wherever you dispose of your wax and just pop it off.

They're honestly the best catch-alls

You can use a tray to store your TV remotes. Place the remotes in a tray on your coffee table to keep them all in one place and make them look like they belong.

Use it for other small items like keys, lip balm and hand cream. Keep all of that in one place by using the tray as well.

Put it on your bedside table so you can access daily essentials easily throughout the night without having to get up from bed or turn on the lights! Use one to store your glasses or a drink.


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We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what you could do with a trinket tray. What are your favourite uses? Let me know in the comments below!


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